Plastic Injection

We are specialized in the processing of thermoplastic plastics.
On our machines is the production of plastic parts with weights up to 826 g possible.

Our horizontal and vertical machines can be prepared with simple and complex molding casting tools. These can configurate with hot channels, multiple cavities, and hydraulic core-pulls.

Our proceed

  • 1-component plastic injection
  • 2-component plastic injection
  • 2-color plastic injection
  • metal-plastic composites / Insert Molding
  • Surface processing such as a vaporizing, galvanizing, printing, permanently marking by means of permanent marker system

The high quality of your products is ensured among other things by our computer-aided monitoring of the plastic injection process, non-standard withdrawal mechanisms and our competent coworkers.

  • 28 plastic injection machines
  • in the range of 2g to 826g shot weight
  • Decoration sections in high polish for coating,
    vaporization, lacquer finish
  • Manufactionring of technical parts in
    1- and 2K
  • processing of rubber and elastomers
  • overmolding of metal parts

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