We manufacture for you on our modern single-spindle CNC lathe and multi-spindle CNC lathes in small, medium and large series. Let us rotate metals and plastics in round, four-edged and hexagonal shapes.
-Machine Park made of 11 lathe machines
-CNC-long lathes up to 38 mm material thickness
-Multi-spindle machine turning technology up to 40 mm diameter

In accordance with your requirements, we manufacture design turning parts, special turning parts, long turning parts, short turning parts and precision turning parts. We will gladly take over the further processing of your parts for you. We realize both the individual surface treatment in cooperation with our partners as well as the assembly of your parts to components in our Assembly department.

Processing of

  • Freecutting steel, high-grade steel
  • brass, aluminum
  • Special materials


  • Glass finish, hardnesses, coating
  • Order picking of accessories kits

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